Craft Beer

Are you ready to taste the best tasting beer you have ever tasted?

The local craft beer scene and craft brewers of the Okanagan Valley are sure to provide a favorite flavor for even the beer nay-sayer!

From blondes, pale ales, amber to rich lagers, our microbreweries offer a full deck of beer types, incredibly unique beer brands and some crazy cool brew pubs and patios to sit back, relax and enjoy a few pints.

Craft Beer Come Celebrate Our Spirits

After a hot day out on Okanagan Lake, lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or touring the valley there is nothing quite as thirst quenching as a frosty cold pint glass filled with your favorite craft beer!

What is craft beer?

You might be wondering what exactly the difference between ‘beer’ and ‘craft beer’ really is.  Well, the difference is found in the ingredients, the care, the passion and the hand crafted skills put into craft beer when compared to that of large scale, commercialized domestic beer brands.

To learn more about microbreweries and craft breweries, visit this Wiki link all about Microbreweries!

Follow along as I adventure the region in celebration of our local hand crafted beers, breweries, microbreweries, brew pubs and brewers and share with you the best of the brews and the views of the Okanagan Valley!

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