Fine Wine

The Okanagan – Similkameen is known widely as one of the world’s top wine regions. 

From red wine to white wines, ice wine and beyond, whichever the fine wine you choose to enjoy paired with your dinner, or to fill your wine cellar, it can most likely be found here!

Fine Wine Come Celebrate Our Spirits

Be it a blood red Shiraz, a crystal clear glass of Riesling, a mid tempered Merlot, a pivotal Pinot Noir, or a graciously crafted Gewurztraminer to most tickle your tongue, the brilliant wine makers of our valley are here to amaze you!

Our weather is just perfect for growing grapes!

Grapes just love our valley, not too cold in the winter and just right hot in the summer!  The weather here is the Okanagan is just right for producing some of the finest wines the world has ever tasted.  Some believe it is the rich, fertile soils of the region that is so perfect for growing wine…  Others, the intensity of our summer sun.  What do you think makes these wines so wonderful?

As our summer temperatures generally range in the mid twenties to mid forties, that gently transition to mid to moderate temperatures in the Spring and Fall, all types of fine wines grow well in the Okanagan.  Although the vibrant green country sides of the Spring and early summer do disappear in the heat of July and August, the weather then begins to again cool and another wonderful time of year begins in the Okanagan – Similkameen, Harvest time!

Experiencing and exploring our fine wines, wineries, vineyards and estates.

The roads are many, the method of transport debatable, your destination though I promise will be unforgettable!

From chartered wine tours throughout the valleys, to cycling adventures, helicopter rides and back road four-wheel drive road trips, you can wine tour anyway you please!

Unable to make it here?  Did you know you can order many of your favorite wines online and even have is shipped right to your door!

My goal is to provide a local perspective of the wine world here in the Okanagan – Similkameen.

I am by no means a wine critic, or claiming to have any more knowledge about wine that anyone else out there…  I can most definitely tell a good bottle of wine from a great one though and do occasionally enjoy a wine glass filled with my favorite red.

In the following, you can expect to find discussions about growing wine in the region, experiences of enjoying our fine wines, the adventures of finding the greatest of our wines, the festivals, the related events and the activities a wine lover just doesn’t want to miss out on!

I enjoy a fine wine no matter where it is from, but I’m telling you from experience…  The Okanagan – Similkameen does grow some of the finest!

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